Design Services

Want your own shirt? But need some graphics? We can help.

Although, if you have your own graphics, click here!

The need to know:
The $10 Set-Up fee per design will be waived when taking advantage of EWTees Design Services.

Our design service fees are very reasonable but are dependant on the design and we will provide you with a quote before any funds are transferred.

Each design can have multiple shirt base colors, but certain designs will clash with certain base shirt colors. Choose wisely. We’ll let you know if there are any issues.

IMPORTANT: You must own the Intellectual Property you wish you get a design for and you’ll be required to affirm that below.

The front of the T-shirt is included in the base price but the back and either or both sleeves will cause the shirt to cost more. Each printing location will cost the same no matter the size of the image. So our advice if you want an image on the back of your shirt, make it count.

Any other questions, see our FAQ or contact us at!